Al Safina Security provides protection over 3,000 ships across the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, East&West coasts of Africa. 
Our data base contains over 400 experienced and qualified security operatives ready to be mobilised at a moment’s notice.
We provide 24/7 Operations and Emergency Response Centre support.
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Implementation of the vessel hardening measures in compliance with BMP4 guidelines.
Consultation by trained experts for vessel security installations to maximize the safety level of the layered defense system for our clients’ vessels.
Citadel Formation onboard ships. 
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Physical onshore and offshore support.
Innovative solutions and services for all parts of the oil and gas industry at upstream, midstream, downstream phases.
Unified communications and networking solutions.
Implementation of the latest security technologies.
24/7 Emergency Response.

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Al Safina Security specialises in complex environments by providing layered protective security solutions by qualified experts.
Our areas of expertise include Middle East, Africa and Asia regions.
We provide a multi-dimensional service support from the technical surveillance systems to static guards and convoy escorts in the critical areas.

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Al Safina Security provides complete recruitment solutions of qualified, experienced personnel.
With the data base over 5,000 candidates we offer a full manpower supply to Security, Marine, Oil & Gas sectors.

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Al Safina Security offers tailored and high standard security services for the luxury yachts insuring the safety and welfare of your family, guests as well as your valuable marine assets.

We can support you with:

Professional security personnel 
Highly effective surveillance systems for yachts     
Security planning and risk management
Crew training

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ALSS offers a broad range of threat and vulnerability services — from attack and penetration testing to security program management.

Offering a compliance solution for critical infrastructure ALSS provides a highly secure industrial automation and control systems environment to protect workers and facilities in the energy industry.

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Al Safina Security is a global security provider that offers maritime, land, oil & gas security solutions.

With a network of offices and professional staff hired we can provide support to our clients thus to accomplish their endeavors allowing them to function in the areas they would not normally operate without smart protective services we perform.

Our Command and Control Centre provides 24/7 monitoring services in order to track, detect and prevent any suspicious activity that can be a potential threat to our client or his assets.

Al Safina Security fully complies with applicable and relevant international and national law and regulatory requirements. We ensure legal compliance and full adherence to the International Security Standards.

Al Safina Security is fully ISO/PAS 9001:2008, ISO/PAS 28007:2013 & ISO/PAS 28007-1:2015 accredited, that guarantees our clients efficient services to be delivered through effective risk management following and adhering the regulative norms developed by the industry.

Operations & HRA

Our Standards


Complying with the high standards of the global maritime domain Al Safina Security is a credible partner in security services provision.

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A set up framework of Maritime International regulations and standards collectively followed by the Company ensures the system integrity and trust.

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High level of expertise in the relevant security fields of our specialists increases the criteria and professional standards of our Company.

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We believe in importance of the collective commitments to the common goal. Only with the ability to work together toward a common vision we can achieve synergistic solutions.

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Regulative development

Ensuring of the maritime safety by implementation of the safety measures complying with the latest IMO & BIMCO standards we help our clients to feel safe and protected.

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Cyber Security and Secure Communication Systems

Cyber attacks are increasingly targeting the energy sector and their rate keeps growing. Having evolved over the last decade from being mostly harmless nowadays cyber attacks grew into sophisticated and devastating advanced persistent threats. Cyber attacks represent a significant financial and environmental risk for oil and gas operations. An attack could disrupt or completely shut down operations, steal information, affect production schedules, increase operational costs, or cause legal liability and company reputation issues. It had been a large number of successful malicious cyber attacks targeting the drilling rigs and production platforms at the end affecting the facility’s operations. Therefore, ALSS offering a compliance solution for critical infrastructure that provides a highly secure industrial automation and control systems environment to protect workers and facilities in the energy and shipping industry.

Teams availably


Cape Town 1 teamGreek and Indian Nationals
Fujairah3 teamsHellenic and Indian Nationals
Galle1 teamUkrainian TL and Indian TMs
Mauritius1 teamPilipino Nationals
Red Sea2 teamsUkrainian and Hellenic Nationals
Richard Bay

Run operations

March 2017

Type of vesselFromTo
LivestockGalleRed Sea
Bulk CarrierSuezFujairah
Chemical TankerDurban19N
General Cargo OPLFujairahGoA
Bulk Carrier19NMombasa
Livestock Maldives19N
Motor YachtFujairahRed Sea
Oil TankerFujairah Galle
Bulk CarrierSuezMadagascar
Oil TankerFujairah21N
Bulk CarrierSuezMauritius
Chemical TankerFujairah19N
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