OIl and Gas Security

Oil and gas is a major industry supporting the global economy as oil and gas still remain the primary sources of energy for industrialized and developing economies of the world. Unsurprisingly, the oil and gas industry is one of the most attractive targets for growing global terrorism and maritime piracy. While the threat of terrorism and sabotage attacks are across the supply chain of the oil and gas industry – from oil wells, transportation to refineries, the threat of piracy primarily concerns the oil tanker industry.

Attacks similar to the maritime piracy of the Somali pirates might affect a single oil tanker and result in increased costs for oil transportation, which in turn might result in higher end prices for consumers. Any major terrorist attack or act of sabotage on production facilities like oil rigs, offshore platforms and refineries will result in loss or complete stoppage of production, which might take months to restart. The entire supply chain from oil wells and offshore platforms to pipelines, tankers and refineries can be affected by the following security threats:

  •  piracy
  •  terrorism
  •  insurgency
  •  organized crime
  •  civil protest
  •  inter-state hostilities
  •  vandalism
  •  internal sabotage

Any above threat can cause severe economical and ecological damage that might affect the international oil & gas markets.


ALSS offers professional security solutions for:

Wells and Offshore Platforms
Transmission Pipelines
Loading Terminals and Ports
Oil Tankers and Transit Routes

Offshore Industry needs a sophisticated approach for security and our specialists are ready to provide effective security solutions for your strategic resources, such as:


Threat & Risk Analysis 


Field operations require risk assessment and development of practical security measurements to mitigate risks. This process requires identification of potential risks, establishment of boundaries, evaluation of consequences and generation of prevention and business recovery plans.

Our specialists are implementing the threat and risk analysis plan basing on understanding of the types of threats faced by offshore installations including knowledge of various threat groups, the dangers they represent, their goals, intentions, offshore capabilities, opportunities, past attacks and interferences with offshore installations and possible future actions.
Another important factor is the geographical one, as attacks on oil and gas installations occur in many countries, but oil companies face different security risks depending on the region they operate in. Oil companies that operate in high security risk areas such as conflict zones, and those that operate in economically and politically unstable countries are always at a higher risk of attack.

Therefore, geography and other enabling factors, such as the presence of armed conflict in the area play important role in identifying, qualifying and quantifying potential risks to offshore oil and gas installations.

Threat & Risk analysis helps our specialists to build proper-layered
security levels in order to form a quick reaction force for any potential threat.


Experienced Security Personnel


We hire skilled and experienced security personnel to protect our clients’ assets and insure your operations are unmolested.

Our Operations Department has efficiently developed a security culture policy that corresponds to all International security norms and standards followed by each and every ALSS employee from the Chief of Security to the Operations Managers, from the Safety Managers to the Security Officers that monitor operations and ensure the security policies are adhered to.
Our security experts developed an overall security strategy in close coordination with the Cyber Security Department ensuring databases and networks are secure, and that intellectual property is protected from outside use in order to mitigate any potential risks.
Our goal is to provide secure and safe environment for all our clients being in depth knowledge of each assignment given.


24/7 Monitoring & Control Centre


There is a growing trend towards the use of remote Control Centers because security of data is as important as physical security that requires continuous monitoring and constant remote observation for your strategic offshore resources.

ALSS Control Centre is the infrastructure where data is fused, events correlated and warnings issued. It identifies offshore and onshore objects, detects targets, analyses threats, gives warnings and alarms, and provides navigation assistance, logistics support and incident with intervention management.

By offering a complete solution for intrusion from sea, air and subsea we guarantee secure communications to enable operators to analyze threats, generate early warnings, prepare intervention programs and manage crises.

ALSS Modus of operandi: 24/7 observation, panoramic scanning and automatic intruder detection systems which are optimal for any distance range (long, medium and short) within the area surrounding the Oil Rig, for nonstop monitoring of unfamiliar objects and for the detection of suspicious motions. In the event of an intrusion, security forces will be automatically alerted to quickly respond to the threat while it is still at a safe distance. It is wholly integrated to a Security Control Centre, which can be either onshore or at an offshore installation.

Personnel access to sensitive zones on the rigs must be tightly controlled to ensure safety while also allowing freedom of movement for both company personnel and appropriate subcontractors within authorized areas, therefore it requires constant remote observation for your strategic offshore unit 24/7/365.


Implementation of the Latest Surveillance Technologies & Security Systems


Security of the oil and gas fuel cycle, from the front end of exploration to the back end of supply and distribution is considered to be a prime concern for all the parties involved. The security process in which the oil and gas operational sectors, namely, upstream, midstream, and downstream are secured with the help of stringent physical and network security measures to ensure operational efficiency and minimize losses associated with security breaches is carefully monitored by our specialists.

ALSS specialists use various surveillance, monitoring and detection techniques to protect the clients’ facilities from threats wherever they may come from.

With installation of the latest surveillance systems, automation and alarm technologies, comprehensive security management systems ALSS offers effective solutions for the growing security challenges in today’s onshore and offshore operating environment.
With advanced technologies implementation by our Company specialists we always satisfy our clients’ expectations by high performance when our security solutions contain comprehensive safety and security framework with the objective to ensure a secure working environment with the security of the client’s assets.