About Us

About Us

With a network of offices and professional staff hired we can provide support to our clients thus to accomplish their endeavours allowing them to function in the areas they would not normally operate without smart protective services we perform.

Our 24/7 Operations Centre thoroughly monitors the HRA in order to coordinate with our security teams onshore and offshore to provide them dynamic information on any suspicious activity in the area. Our Operations Managers are responsible for the reception, processing, distribution, and transmission of information that ensures full safety and constant communication with the Security Team engaged into the client’s project.

All our Operations Managers have extensive experience in high-risk environments and counter-piracy operations enabling them to manage a multitude of security threats providing high quality solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

ALSS fully adheres to all the latest industry IMO standards, flag and port states regulations, international regulatory framework.

ALSS ISO/PAS 9001:2008, ISO/PAS 28007:2013 & ISO/PAS 28007-1:2015 accreditation ensures the responsibility, professionalism and effectiveness of the services performed, possesses high quality standards to protect our clients legally, safely and effectively.