Cargo ship escapes attack by pirates off Boan Island

The Vietnamese-flagged general cargo ship Phu An 268 was attacked by pirates in Philippine waters off Boan Island, on March 5, the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre informs. Fortunately, the captain of the vessel managed to escape the attack by increasing speed and maneuvering head towards Malaysia.

Specifically, a motor skiff with six men started tailing the ship. Her captain called the Malaysian authorities to report that his vessel was being followed by the boat. After around 1.5 hours being followed by the pirates, the ship increased speed and activated fire hoses as well. Finaly, all crew were reported to be safe.

A patrol boat was further sent by the Malaysia’s Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) to the scene which subsequently scared off the suspected pirates who finaly quited their plan. However, the navy failed to trace the pirates.

MV Phu An 268 was finaly escorted to Sandakan port.

An investigation for the root cause is under way.

Source: Safety4Sea