Four pirate attacks reported in Asia in February

ReCAAP ISC issued its monthly report for piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia for February 2017, reporting a total of four incidents. ReCAAP also informs that there has been a continuous decrease in the total number of incidents in the past four months.

ReCAAP says that the numbers in February 2017 are consistent with the total number reported in February 2016. On a month-on-month comparison between February 2016 and February 2017, there has been a decrease of incidents in the past four months; from 12 incidents in November 2016, to seven incidents in December 2016, to six incidents in January 2017, and four incidents in February 2017.



Of the incidents reported, three were actual incidents and one was an attempted. Of the three actual incidents, two were incidents of armed robbery against ship and one was a piracy incident.


The overall situation of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia, in February 2017, continued to improve with continuous decrease in total number of incidents consecutively since November 2016. However, of concern was the continued occurrence of incidents involving the abduction of crew from ships while underway in the Sulu-Celebes Sea and waters off eastern Sabah. All ship masters and crew are strongly advised to avoid confrontation with the perpetrators, and report immediately to the PCG’s Southwestern Mindanao Operation Centre, Philippine Navy-Littoral Monitoring Station in Bongao and Malaysia’s Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) prior to entering the area, for monitoring and immediate responses in any eventualities.

Detailed information on the incidents may be found by reading the full report:











Source: Safety4sea