Japan Coast Guard sending vessel to India and Malaysia for joint anti-piracy exercises

The JCG patrol vessel Tsugaru will sail to Chennai where it will conduct a joint exercise with the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and the ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre on 17 January following a high-level meeting between the two countries coastguards.

The patrol vessel will then sail to Kuantan in Malaysia. In Kuantan it wil be part of an anti-piracy exercise on 29 January with the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), known as Malaysia Coast Guard (MCG) which will include the vessel KM Pekan formerly the JCG vessel Erimo.

“The JCG has been dispatching patrol vessels and aircraft to the Southeast Asian waters and elsewhere for the purpose of piracy countermeasures since 2000, and aims to promote further collaborative and cooperative relationships with the respective countries in order to realize a free, open and safe Indo-Pacific waters that is based on the rule of law,” the JCG said in a statement.

source: seatrade-maritime.com