Panama vessels urged to increase security while sailing in the GOG

The Panama Maritime Authority has issued circular encouraging all Panamanian flagged vessels transiting the Gulf of Guinea, to increase the security measures on board and to comply with any security regulations recommended, in territorial waters, by the Coastal and Port Authorities; taking into consideration the recent piracy attacks occurred in the region (hijacking, kidnapping and armed robbery).

The Panama Maritime Authority further encourages the implementation of the necessary security measures established by this Administration through anti-piracy Merchant Marine Circulars.

In particular, the use of Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) should not be considered as an alternative to the Best Management Practices (BMP) or other protective measures. The use of PMSC is an exclusive decision of the Ship-owner or Operator, and is only recommended outside the territorial waters of the coastal countries of the Gulf of Guinea. In cases where the use of PMSC is permitted within the territorial waters of a country, the shipowner or ship operator must follow the national regulations applicable by the country in this regard.

Source: Panama Maritime Authority