Recent Incidents

Hijacked - UKMTO-IO #8

Date: 13th March 2017

Location: Lat 12.03527778, Long 51.45694444

Ref: ADVISORY NOTICE 004/MAR/2017 Investigations are currently on-going following reports that at 131154 UTC MAR 17 communications were lost with an MV in position: 1201.67N 05127.25E. ADVISORY 004/MAR/2017 Update An MV has been hijacked in position 1158N 05045E, off the North East coast of Puntland Somalia. Investigations are ongoing.

Advisory - UKMTO-IO #7

Date: 10th March 2017

Location: Lat 13.30916667, Long 43.26583333

References: ADVISORY NOTICE 003/MAR/2017/ U.S. MARITIME ALERT 2017-002B On 10 Mar 2017. Investigations are currently on-going following reports that a Yemeni Coast Guard vessel may have struck a mine in Yemeni Territorial Waters (TTW), in the vicinity of the port of Al Mukha. The advice previously issued in UKMTO advisory 001/Feb/2017 remains extant: Masters should consider increasing vigilance, maintain the furthest possible distance from the Yemen coast, transit the Bab el Mandeb strait during daylight hours and use the western TSS wherever possible.

Advisory - UKMTO-IO #6

Date: 9th March 2017

Location: Lat 13.866666, Long 50.333333

Reference: Advisory 002/MAR/2017 On 09 MAR 2017 at 0845 UTC in position 1352.0N 05020.0E, an MV reported two Mother Vessels had deployed four skiffs that approached the MV to within 1 cable. Onboard AST showed weapons and skiffs retreated. Vessel is safe.

Advisory - UKMTO-IO #5

Date: 7th March 2017

Location: Lat 13.2, Long 48.966666

Ref: ADVISORY NOTICE 001/MAR 2017 On 7 March at 0834 UTC in position LAT 13 12 N LONG- 048 58 E, an MV reported being followed by two skiffs with 16 - 20 Armed POB. Skiffs followed astern for 40 minutes. MV is safe.

Advisory - UKMTO-IO #4

Date: 12th February 2017

Location: Lat 15.115833, Long 52.490278

Ref: Advisory 002/Feb/2017. On 12 February 2017 at 0530 UTC in position LAT-15* 06.57' N LONG- 052* 28.85' E, an MV reported being followed by a skiff with 6 Armed POB. The skiff approached from the Port side and crossed the vessels Bow to the Starboard side. The Captain reported sighting an RPG and Heavy Weapons. The MV sounded alarm, increased speed, and activated hoses. AST showed their weapons to the skiff, who then altered their course and moved away. MV is safe.

Source: UKMTO